Retirement Products

Retirement Products

Ira Wolfe is dedicated to properly designing plans that fit your individual organizations’ specific needs. We negotiate for you to control any rate increases   while building plans that foster a sense of employee well-being at the same time.

We have a variety of different services including monitoring any changes in industry rates and comparing them to the current ones that you have.

The retirement products that we can put together for your company include:


Employee retention goes up when a business looks after their retirement concerns. An RRIF is basically a conversion from an RRSP. These include mandatory withdrawals starting at the age of 71. The policies we can put together can help your employees build a retirement framework. That equals more reasons to use us. Take advantage of our broader reputation as a company that cares about employee well-being.


This is another one of the retirement products that can help your employees plan for a smooth transition. This is a vehicle for managing the payouts that come from locked in pension funds. They can include a variety of different kinds of investments including mutual funds and some securities listed on designated exchanges.

We’re The Employee Benefit Consultants Providing Assessments
Remember, if your organization is thinking about switching brokerages and using our services, we can streamline the process. Get in touch with us today to ask how. The retirement accounts that we can put together also include annuities, RRSPs and a variety of other options.

Excellent Reasons
There are several excellent reasons why you should work with Ira Wolfe. They include the fact policies we put together can help your employees enjoy a work life balance and a fuller personal life. Our brokerage also helps you to attract and retain the best people in your industry.

Cost Too Much?
Maybe you are worried that one of these plans might cost too much? Are you a business owner or HR professional that wants to provide your employees with benefits? If you’re not too happy about current premium increases and the time you need to spend administering the plans you have now, get in touch.

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