Locked-in Retirement Income Funds

Locked-in Retirement Income Funds

Providing a registered retirement income fund to your employees is an excellent way to show top earners you care about their well-being.

Providing your staff with this type of financial security is an excellent way to retain top talent. This type of retirement fund pays out to beneficiaries who are often the owners of RRSPs. You can enhance staff satisfaction by working with them to provide a retirement income stream.

Here’s how we help companies and CEOs in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Aurora, Maple, Markham, Richmond Hill the GTA and Ontario.

We supply competitive rates and comprehensive services. We are the benefit plan brokers and consultants who consider each of the projects we work on much more than a job. Servicing our clients reach their goals is very importaant to us.  We are only successful when our clients are 100% satisfied. That means providing an excellent registered retirement income fund in Vaughan, the GTA and Ontario without any administrative stress at the best price.

There are many different benefits to these RRIFs including:

  • A tax shelter for the contributor’s money. These products are similar to an RRSP and a great incentive to share with employees.
  • Your staff can decide how much and when to withdraw as long as the minimum amount is taken.
  • These assets can be transferred to a spouse tax-free when the policyholder passes away. Another incentive that promotes employee loyalty.

Ira Wolfe, is a group benefit advisor and the best choice for companies looking to switch over from their current provider for registered retirement income fund in Vaughan , the GTA and Ontario providers. Here’s why our services make a difference.

  • All of the benefit plans that we put together for you will save you money.
  • We are committed to controlling any rate increases and being transparent.
  • We are the brokerage that will make your small business or larger organization attractive to new employees.
  • Our staff are dedicated to making sure that people who work for you obtain wellness in their personal lives.

Our priority is making sure the administration of benefit plans is easy. Get in touch with us today to ask about how simple it is to switch over from the current company you’re working with. Ira Wolfe is the right choice if you are currently looking for a registered retirement income fund in Vaughan, the GTA and Ontario.

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