Life Income Funds (LIF)

Life Income Funds (LIF)

We also offer life income funds in Vaughan, the GTA and Ontario that allow your employees to maintain control over their investment choices. It’s another way to make your firm attractive to your current roster of employees and potential candidates.

There are some other advantages to adding one of these benefits and they include:

  • Contributions can be tax-deferred until after your employee turns 71.
  • The funds within one of these policies are protected in the sense they can’t be seized to pay off any debt obligations.
  • Your employees can choose the investments that best suit them as long as those investments qualify.
  • Like many other registered products, the contributions your staff and you make are tax-deferred.

With us, you’ll get a series of constantly improving experiences. Our priority is to break down barriers and succeed where others have failed.

If you’re a business owner or someone in HR department looking to provide employee benefits including retirement policies, you might not be satisfied if:

  • The current plans that you have in place are costing too much.
  • You’re unhappy with the premium increases.
  • Your frustrated with all the time you spend administering to the plan.

If any of these situations apply to your current benefit packages, get in touch with us. Our staff is dedicated to negotiating competitive rates with insurance companies and providing you the policyholder with complete transparency. That includes all the financial details that you need to make the right decisions about Life Income Funds in Vaughan.

General Rules

It’s important to remember the life income fund cannot be taken out in one lump sum. That’s why your business in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Aurora, Maple, Markham, Richmond Hill, the GTA and Ontario can use our services. We can help any company through the general rules and find them the best deal on these funds.

For example, transparency is one of the aspects that we are most proud of. That’s why we let all of our clients know that withdrawals from these funds are considered income and can be taxed at a marginal tax rate.

Ira Wolfe can find you the best deal on life income funds. Our goal is simple. We will design plans based on your company’s individual specific needs and control rate increases while saving you money.

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