Individual / Family Health & Dental Plans

Individual / Family Health & Dental Plans

Ira Wolfe will be happy to put together an individual/family health dental plan in Vaughan, the GTA and Ontario that goes over and above what’s covered by the province. We are always available to customize any of the products that you choose so they are always a perfect fit.

There are several components that we can help put together for you that include drugs, dental, vision and travel. People over 18 are eligible for these supplemental products. The other requirements include being an active member of a government health insurance plan and a resident in the province or territory being applied in.

We’re looking forward to helping you if you’re a small to medium-size business. Directors, CEOs, HR personnel and business owners are also clients who get excellent service and wonderful plans through us. We provide skillfully designed and cost-effective employee benefits to businesses in Ontario.

Customized Individual/Family Health Dental plans

If you are worried that supplying these types of benefits to your team is going to cost too much money, get in touch with us today. We can help you if you’re unhappy with the premium increases you’re getting from your current broker.

If you’re suffering through unacceptable performance and a lack of support with your current broker, Ira Wolfe can help.  We can put together a customized plan that meets all of your needs.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is a major benefit of these plans. The dental aspect can include preventable services like x-rays, cleanings and exams. Orthodontic coverage is another possibility.

Some of the benefits to these products include the fact that competitive employee benefits help to retain talent and attract the best new candidates. A set of comprehensive benefits gives your small business a competitive edge.


These types of family/health dental plans also increase productivity. Employees who feel secure in their jobs are likely to be more engaged and perform better.  This type of plan also reduces turnover and increases employee loyalty at the same time.

Individual/Family Health Dental plans in Vaughan, the GTA and Ontario play an important role when it comes to employee well-being. Our company understands that each employer has different and unique objectives. Our goal is to find flexible, creative solutions. Ira Wolf is dedicated to making sure every one of our clients gets the very best value for every dollar spent.

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