Guaranteed Investment Certificates

Guaranteed Investment Certificates

Ira Wolfe is proud to offer a variety of different retirement products including guaranteed investment certificates. This is an excellent tool to retain employees and attract the best and brightest with the highest skill level from any talent pool. These GICs are a deposit investment that are sold by Canadian trust companies and banks.

They are a perfect addition to any staff members’ retirement plans since they provide a low risk fixed return rate and are at least partially insured by the Canadian government. We’ve been looking after these types of investments and other employee benefits Let us help you by designing a plan based on the specific needs of your organization which will control rate increases while saving you money.

We can find you excellent terms and rates on GICs for staff members. Include supplying your company with this secure way to plan for retirement. The other specific details we can supply include:

  • How the annual rate of interest is calculated.
  • The timing around when and how the principal will be repaid.
  • How everything is calculated and the rate used .
  • If it’s possible for the employees or your organization to cancel a product and how that’s accomplished.

We look after all of the details on these guaranteed investment certificates for you including how a term can be amended and under what circumstances.

Ira Wolfe deals with HR departments, directors, CEOs and businesses looking for these and other employee benefits. We also work with organizations in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Maple Aurora, Woodbridge and Ontario.

Different Reasons

There are a few different reasons why you might be considering a new brokerage. We can help with any of the following issues.

Perhaps you’ve looked after properly by the current brokerage you’re working with? Complaints range from the fact that organizations sign up and brokers disappear leaving you to deal with claims and administration.

Our company specializes in small to medium-size businesses. Our priority is making sure each and every customer always has an open line of communication with our staff.

Guaranteed investment certificates are an excellent way to make your company a desirable location for potential and current employees. When you work with us, we will monitor any changes in the industry and compare your plans with the current ones. 

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