Group RRSP

Group RRSP

This is another way we can help your business with employee retention. A group RRSP enables your employees to save for their retirement by contributions to an RRSP through their payroll deductions. Employers in different cities like Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, King City, Etobicoke and Toronto also find the benefits.

Individual Products

These RRSPs are different than individual products because they are offered through you as an employer. Get in touch with us if you’re a small to medium-size business, a owner, a director, CEO or someone in charge of an HR department. Ira Wolfe can help.

Unhappy with Current Brokerage?

If you’re unhappy with your current brokerage we can help. Some of the common reasons we see businesses using our services includes the facts that:

  • They aren’t getting the right kind of coverage and communication from their current benefit broker. If you’re frustrated by the claims process or the administration, Ira Wolfe has the experience and dedication to customer service that makes a difference.
  • If your premiums have gone up too much, get in touch with us because we monitor and negotiate for the best renewal rates.

A Group RRSP Benefits Business—Here’s How

As your benefit plan consultants and brokers, we can help you create a plan that suits your individual needs. We are also available to answer any and all questions you have about the process.

A group RRSP has some other benefits for your organization.

  • Employee retention tops the list. You can also use one of these policies to attract skilled talent.
  • Providing financial security for your workforce and their families is another attractive advantage.
  • These policies also help demonstrate concern for your workforce and their well-being.

Strength in numbers is one of the other benefits of getting a group RRSP for your staff. Help them to save for their retirement through this common investment.


Ira Wolfe understands that our success is based on our clients being 100% satisfied with our services. If you’re looking for a Group RRSP, we want you to know the communication with our clients is a big priority. Get in touch with us today for a private and confidential conversation about your employee benefit needs. The group benefits that we offer cover many different areas.

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