Group Pension Plans Vaughan

Group Pension Plans in Vaughan

Ira Wolfe understands that employees are the heartbeat of any small business. It’s important to attract the very best in skilled labor. However, it’s also important for any business to minimize turnover and increase employee engagement.

A group pension plan is an important part of accomplishing those goals. Let us help you find the right balance between employer and employee contributions that will make this product work for your budget. Our priority is always providing an excellent service that provides you with a solid reputation.

Cost Effective Plans  

Are you dissatisfied with your current broker? Are your premiums going up more than you’d expect because no one is negotiating properly on your behalf? We can help with cost-effective and skillfully designed group pension plans in Vaughan or anywhere in Ontario.

Remember, we can build a variety of different options into one of these products that include attractive features like portability and others. We can also walk you through the different tax advantages for both employers and employees.

Customized Plans 

Ira Wolfe can customize any of the plans that we put together for you to meet the specific needs of your organization. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a larger enterprise or only have one or two employees. We have unsurpassed expertise and knowledge that make us the clear choice when looking for customized benefits solutions. 

Our responsive and proactive customer service team is another one of the features that separates us from the competition. It’s important to remember that helping your employees save for their retirement years and fund their children’s education at the same time boosts loyalty.

Initial Choices

There are several initial choices that you can sort through when you’re putting together a group pension plan including group registered retirement savings plans  (RRSPS) , deferred profit-sharing plans (DPSPs) and Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plans (DCRPPS).

Ira Wolfe is happy to work with you applying a comprehensive disciplined approach to address your requirements. We have been providing our clients with excellent comprehensive services at the most competitive rates. We provide a variety of different services including needs analysis, RRSP plan design and implementation as well as claims and administrative support. Get in touch with us today so we can help you with group pension plans in Vaughan or anywhere in Ontario.

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