Extended Health Care Coverage

Extended Health Care Coverage

Ira Wolfe can provide extended health care coverage that will make a difference to employee retention and well-being. We are proud to provide the most skillfully designed and cost-effective employee benefits to businesses all across Ontario.

We look after this type of healthcare coverage for businesses in the GTA and Ontario. The extended health care coverage we provide includes:

  • Dental Plans
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Vision Care
  • And others

Some of the practitioner services that are included with this type of coverage will look after osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapy to name just a few options.

Ira Wolfe understands that every single employer has different and unique objectives. We recognize this type of diversity and look for flexible and creative solutions that are dedicated and committed to ensuring our clients get the best ROI and benefit for their dollar.

Having this type of coverage for your business means you don’t need to pay for health related expenses. Ask about getting a hospital benefit. This policy covers extra accommodations not covered by provincial health insurance plans like preferred accommodations at a private or semiprivate level.

Extended Health Care Coverage: Drug Coverage

Prescription drugs take a big chunk out of any employer’s health care plan. Estimates place the cost at between 60%-80% of claims. We can look after designing a drug plan for you as part of your extended health care coverage.

You can choose from several different options that include:

  • Prescription only plans that require a written prescription from a dentist and/or physician. Over-the-counter medications even if prescribed might not be covered.
  • Hybrid drug plans cover those requiring a prescription and others that don’t legally require this extra step.
  • Prescribed drug plans is another option that includes over-the-counter drugs.

Medical services and supplies that can be woven into a policy can also include an air or emergency ground ambulance. Other options include diabetic supplies and hearing aids as well as private duty nursing care.

Vision care is one of the optional benefits that’s not always considered on many benefit plans. If you’re looking for extended health care coverage get in touch with us today.  We can help you find the kind of creative and flexible solutions that will meet your requirements.

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