Employee Life Insurance

Employee Life Insurance

Ira Wolfe specializes in employee benefits. Benefits that we provide are skillfully designed and cost-effective. The group insurance plans we put together benefit employees and employers.

What Employee Life Insurance in Vaughan Is 

This type of insurance has premiums that are covered by an employer when the employees meet specific criteria. A lump sum can be paid to beneficiaries following employee’s an death. This type of benefit can also be used to cover loss of critical income, outstanding debts and funeral costs.

These policies can include two different types.

Dependent basic life pays a benefit if the spouse or child of an employee passes away. This is generally played out in a flat amount that is used to cover things like funeral expenses.

Employee basic life is the most common one and the type of coverage many employers add to their benefit packages. It provides coverage specifically to your employees designated beneficiaries. It can be a flat coverage amount or based on individual salaries.

How These Employee Benefits Work 

With group life insurance, the employer will pay the premium directly to the insurance company and the monthly premiums can be deducted through payroll or not at all.

Let us help you put together one of these policies. Ira Wolfe has many years of experience providing clients with comprehensive services at industry-leading competitive rates. Ira Wolfe provides a variety of small business employee benefit packages including services like needs analysis and plan design.

We can look after all of the details for you including items like coverage reduction and group plans in this area that reduce coverage at the age of 65. We can also offer different features that include provisions for employment termination that include a conversion clause.


Why not get in touch with us today so we can make the kind of objective recommendations that will put your needs first when it comes to employee insurance benefits of this type?

Ira Wolfe can help you with a variety of different life insurance options. Our priority is making sure that you have the best plan at the best cost with absolutely no administrative stress involved. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the kind of small business employee benefits we can put together.

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