Disability Coverage Insurance

Disability Coverage Insurance in the GTA

We provide our clients with outstanding services at competitive rates. Our expertise includes putting together disability coverage insurance. We are the benefit plan consultants and brokers that take great pride in serving our clients and helping them to reach their goals.

An Important Aspect 

This type of policy is an important part of a small business employee benefits package. It helps to retain valuable skilled employees and attract outstanding candidates. These policies cover employees when they are disabled and unable to work so they can pay mortgages, rents, utilities, and other types of loan payments.


We offer a total flexibility and a commitment to meet all of your requirements when it comes to these employee benefits. However, there are generally several different types of policies to choose from and these include:

Total Disability Coverage Insurance.

This is specifically designed for employees who are unable to do the duties their job entails and are not working at another occupation. One of the other prerequisites for this category is usually they are under the ongoing care of a doctor.

Residual Coverage 

This kind of policy is designed for employees who can do part of their work and are losing about 20% of their earnings. It can pay a percentage of the benefit up to age 70 if their disability is caused by an illness or accident.

Partial Coverage 

This is the type of policy that’s best if the employee cannot do one or more of their duties pertaining to their job. It also applies to people who can’t work more than 20 hours a week and pays approximately 50% of the regular benefit for several months.

Of course there are other categories that include total disability, reoccurring injuries as well as catastrophic loss. If you’re small to medium-size business of up to 100 employees, a small business owner, a CEO, a director or working in HR get in touch with us.

Ira Wolfe is a benefit plan consultant and broker who take helping in serving our clients to reach their goals seriously. If you’re interested in disability insurance coverage in Vaughan as part of an employee package, we can help. We have the experience you are looking for. Why not contact us today for a confidential private conversation?

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