Critical Illness Coverage

Special Risk Coverage / Critical Illness Coverage in the GTA and Ontario.

Ira Wolfe looks after critical illness insurance in the GTA, Ontario and parts of Canada. 

We understand that every employer has unique objectives and goals. That’s why these policies and others can be customized to suit your requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a larger organization, a small business/ or only have one or two employees.

This type of health insurance can provide a lump sum payment should your staff become seriously ill. It specifically designed to help replace income while they recover while providing for care expenses and preventing financial hardship from mounting when they’re dealing with a health crisis.

Your policy is customized so the illnesses that get covered can vary. However the ones that are typically recommended include kidney failure, organ transplants, blindness, stroke, heart attack cancer and a list of others.

Critical illness insurance 

This type of insurance is an important part of any group benefits plan. The policies provide an excellent bridge for employees between provincial health insurance plans and the coverage that you include. 

Are you a business owner that’s worried that your current premiums are costing too much? Maybe you’re unhappy about the increases that are coming with your current plans and brokerage. Some of the clients who switch over to our services were frustrated by the time spent administering to plans through another company. 

We negotiate competitive rates with insurance companies for you. When you have all the financial details you can make the kind of informed decision that makes sense. Ira Wolfe can design a plan for your company which will have several advantages including: 

  • Help your employees with their personal lives
  • Make your company a desirable location for your current staff and future skilled prospects.
  • Control any unnecessary rate increases and keep them to a minimum.

Our priority is to save you money while providing you with excellent critical illness insurance in the GTA, Ontario and parts of Canada. We strive to make sure all of our clients are 100% satisfied. To that end, we will monitor all of your claims and keep you informed of any rate increases as well as the preventative measures that you can use.

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