Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

If you’re a small to medium-size business, we have business overhead expense insurance for you. Whether you’re a CEO, Director, someone in the HR department or the owner of the business, considering this type of insurance is critical.

The continuity of your operations is important. This is an important insurance in the event that a business owner or manager becomes disabled. These policies cover retaining valuable employees by paying salaries covering other ongoing fixed expenses like utilities, property taxes and rent.

Whether you’re business is anywhere in Ontario, this insurance is basically an expense reimbursement policy. It allows business continuity and operations to continue until the owner returns or makes a decision on the future of the enterprise.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance? Who Needs It? 

This is an excellent choice for the owners of small businesses. It’s also a good policy for any kind of enterprise where the owner needs to generate income so the office can stay open. Some of the other professionals that can benefit from these policies include accountants, lawyers, physicians and engineers.

Many of the policies that we can put together for you will last until the owner of the business turn 65. We can negotiate on your behalf to renew any arrangements after that time provided owners are employed full-time at 30 hours a week and in charge of maintaining the enterprise.

What It Covers  

This type of coverage looks after business expenses that will continue on when business revenue stops or slows down due to disability illness or accident. Most of the benefits are limited to the expenses that get incurred. Some of the ones that are eligible can include:

  • Rent and/or mortgage interest
  • Depreciation and employee salaries
  • Different utilities including water, heat and hydro.

This is the right choice for businesses looking to pay fixed business expenses. The coverages we provide include businesses in the GTA, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, King City, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Toronto and Ontario.

Ira Wolfe is proud to provide the best cost effective and skillfully designed employee benefits to businesses in Ontario. 

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