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You’re a business owner or HR person that is looking to either provide employee benefits to your team, or you already have a plan, but now…

Why Work with Us?

We fight for you by negotiating the most competitive rates with the insurance companies and provide you the policy holder, with all financial details so that you can make informed decisions.

We will properly design you a plan based on your company’s’ specific needs, which will:

  • save you money
  • help control any rate increases
  • make your company desirable for current and potential employees
  • help your employees in their personal life

We service our clients and ensure ease of administration. Your employees will be educated to deal with their claims and any issues that may arise, they can come directly to us and we will look after it. 

We monitor any changes that happen in the industry plans and compare them to the ones you have, this way we can keep your cost from going up and maybe even get you a decrease.

We work with almost every insurance company that provides employee benefits, we will get you around 6 quotes, then consult with so that you get the best one that suites your company.

We have amazing relationships with the different insurance companies, but at the same time, we are 100% independent and obligated to no insurance company, our loyalty is to our clients.

We monitor your companies claims so that we can keep you informed of any possible future rate increases, and the actions you can take to prevent.

We streamline the change process for companies to switch over to us.

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